About Us

SKHYZ — a name of agility in Disposable & Diagnostics

SKHYZ life-sciences aspires to be value additive and quality conscious company in the arena of health care products in Pakistan. Unequivocally, health is single most important aspect when it comes to quality of Life- and SKHYZ life sciences embraces this reality and conscious to impart its role in health care by embedding quality disposable and diagnostic equipment’s in local masses. Our team of health professional knows the value of health to human that undoubtedly makes this profession the most humanistic profession; so does its nurturing and care.

The massive population of Pakistan, with wide array of socio-cultural dynamism, opens up humongous avenues of growth in disposable and diagnostics – SKHYZ is adamant to harness this potential with launch of innovative and smart products.

SKHYZ envisions being an impactful driving force in Pakistan and globally with a strong resolution to fashion herself as trusted brand in delivery of health care products. The swift and safe delivery to the point of use is amongst our unique value proposition while sustainable growth in this sector is our ultimate objective.

Our professional patronage with world’s topnotch brands giving us an impulse to the win the confidence of clients and suppliers alike. SKHYZ desires to enhance this patronage into relationship marketing with strong ties of confidence and trust.