Chest Drainage Bag

Chest Drainage Bag-1

Chest Drainage Bag


Scheffler Valve

  • Mechanical one-way valve drains efficiently while preventing reflux to patients.
  • Low valve opening pressure facilitates drainage.
  • Observing liquid accumulation above the valve confirms resolved air-leak.
  • No need for clamping reduces the risk of tension pneumothorax.
  • Reduced dead space due to valve position, improves drainage efficiency.
  • The device can be lifted higher than the patient or placed horizontally

Suction Bulb

  • Post-insertion catheter position is confirmed by a bulb that re-expands, after being depressed.
  • A bulb that re-expands is also a visual indicator of pneumothorax.
  • Nearing the end of treatment, a depressed bulb and fluid above the valve indicate a resolved air-leak and cessation of drainage.
  • aced horizontally

Suction Regulator

  • Visible red bellows confirm actual suction pressure applied.
  • Hidden red bellows indicate no suction applied.


  • Measures small drainage volumes.
  • Can be emptied into a disposable bag or container.
  • Lightweight and compact for easy mobilization.
  • One device per catheter.

High-negativity Vent

  • Safely milk tube without generating excessive negative pressures.
  • Needle free sampling port close to patient.
  • Easy access port for pleurodesis.