Cube Reader


Cube Reader

Adaptable to all common lateral assays

  • The Cube is suitable for the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of measurement results of all common lateral flow test formats based on color change. Test strips that are not in cassettes can also be evaluated.
  • The device in the form of a cube with an edge length of approx. 41 mm is probably the smallest reader in the world and even fits ‘in your pocket’. The weight is only 40 g. The Cube is very user-friendly and inexpensive to buy due to only one control button. The clear result is shown on the display after only 3 seconds.
  • Especially with qualitative tests with weak test lines, there is often uncertainty when evaluating with the naked eye. Here the Cube supports as a quasi ‘electronic eye’ with a clear result display. If electronic documentation is desired, the results can be transferred to a PC or laptop using a cube-specific data cable and processed from there.


  • Can be adapted to almost any rapid test
  • For test strips and test cassettes
  • Also available for fluorescence tests (Europium-based)


  • Quantification of multiple different test lines
  • Small reader-to-reader variability


  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective